3 organs you can donate

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3 organs you can donate

December 30, 2021 Insurance 0
Hjalmar Jesus Gibelli Gomez 3 organs you can donate

At the time of death, many people choose to donate part of their organs in good condition, to help other people in need. According to specialists, the organs of a donor person can save or help up to 50 people.

Some of the organs that are normally donated are the following:

  • Internal organs: kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs.
  • Skin.
  • Bone and bone marrow.
  • Cornea.

Who can be a donor?

Hjalmar Jesus Gibelli Gomez 3 organs you can donate. 1 - 3 organs you can donate

Any person who in life decides that, upon death, their organs serve to save or improve the lives of others. However, it is important to know that not everyone can donate, because for this it will be necessary for the death to occur in an Intensive Care Unit of a hospital.

Considerations regarding some organs

  • Lungs

When lungs are transplanted it is important to know that the donor must be under 65 years of age, brain dead, but remain on life support insurance. They must be disease-free and as compatible as possible to avoid rejection of the transplanted lung.

  • Cornea

Doctors can remove and store corneas many hours after death, and then transplant three to five days after donation.

  • Hands and face

This procedure involves the removal of tissue or graft, which may include tissue from bones, muscles, nerves, skin, and blood vessels.