3 uncommon types of insurance

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3 uncommon types of insurance

April 10, 2022 Insurance 0
Hjalmar Jesus Gibelli Gomez 3 uncommon types of insurance

Insurance is a service that guarantees the safety and protection of a person, company or property within a long, medium and long-term period of time. These insurances have certain conditions, according to the insurer, that are adapted to the needs of the applicant.

The insurances you should know in case you need them

Hjalmar Jesus Gibelli Gomez 3 uncommon types of insurance. 1 - 3 uncommon types of insurance

There are endless policies within this great world, but there are some that are not well known or used, but it is always good to know what it is.

Here are three types of insurance you should know about:

  • Patrimonial:

They are those that have the purpose of repairing the patrimonial loss that the insured has suffered after an accident occurred. These types of policies include:

– Car.

– Transport.

– Civil liability (damages to third parties).

– Technical risks.

– Boats.

– Travel insurance.

But agricultural, fire, pecuniary loss, theft, credit and multi-risk insurance, to name a few, can also be classified in this type of insurance.

  • Business:

It focuses on protecting the members of a company and their families. Companies can acquire, for their collaborators, life, medical expenses, serious illness, accident, cancer, school policies, debit balances and unemployment coverage annexes.

  • Groups:

It consists of a contract on people, which is characterized by covering through a single contract multiple policyholders that make up a homogeneous community such as employees, credit card holders, etc.