Benefits of travel insurance

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Benefits of travel insurance

February 14, 2022 Insurance 0
Hjalmar Gibelli Benefits of travel insurance

travel policy or travel insurance is that service that covers incidents that may occur during a trip, from cancellation to loss of luggage. It is important to note that travel insurance is not mandatory in all countries, but these policies offer citizens security and well-being when they are outside the country.

What does travel insurance cover?

Hjalmar Gibelli Benefits of travel insurance. 1 - Benefits of travel insurance

There are various guarantees, such as health care and those related to its cancellation. This typically applies to all coverage that conforms to a limit agreed upon by both parties signing the policy.

Having their service brings a number of advantages:

  • Baggage coverage

This is included in health care, loss or theft of luggage, it is the most contracted coverage. This guarantee grants the insured monetary compensation in the event that luggage is lost, stolen or damaged during transport.

  • Delays

Insurers offer coverage for delay, which includes that when the trip is delayed for reasons beyond the insured’s control, the latter can receive compensation for the purchase of basic necessities, accommodation expenses, etc.

  • 24/7 protection

At any time of the year and at any time if a problem arises, there is this policy to solve it.

  • They adapt to the needs

Whether it is a destination within your country or abroad, this type of service adapts to each person and need.