Insurance for motor vehicles, what you should know

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Insurance for motor vehicles, what you should know

November 17, 2022 Insurance 0
Hjalmar Jesus Gibelli Gomez Insurance for motor vehicles, what you should know

This type of coverage, in general, acts in two ways: partially and totally. If the client decides to take partial coverage, the insurer can help him in certain aspects contemplated in the contract; while in the total form if there is a total loss of the motor vehicle, the insurance can respond.

Features of motor vehicle insurance

  • These policies have various characteristics, including:
  • It can be contracted individually or collectively.
  • Their hiring is voluntary.
  • It has a defined validity, normally one year.
  • These insurances normally contemplate deductibles (amount charged by the insured).
  • It is possible to contract additional clauses, such as civil liability and robbery, theft or unauthorized use of the vehicle.
  • They normally exclude non-collision damage (war, rebellion, revolution, etc).
  • Motor vehicles, trailers, trailers, mobile homes or the like may be insured.

Among the conditions that are normally handled in this type of policy, the insured must not assume responsibilities with the affected third parties or carry out transactions or agreements without the knowledge of the insurance company.

Normally they do not cover the legal defense of the insured. However, the insurance company may assume the legal defense of the insured, in which case the latter will be obliged to timely provide all the background information, documents, means of proof and judicial powers that are necessary.