What is Civil Liability Insurance?

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What is Civil Liability Insurance?

July 22, 2022 Insurance 0
Hjalmar Jesus Gibelli Gomez What is Civil Liability Insurance

Civil Liability Insurance is one that covers against material or property damage that the insured provides to a third person. This means that this insurance guarantees the disbursement of compensation intended to repair the damages that the contracting party may have caused to a third party, such as damage to property.

Characteristics of Civil Liability Insurance

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  • The policy is activated in case of fortuitous accidents.
  • Another loss is the injuries that may be caused by the contracting party’s pets.
  • The compensation to be disbursed has a limit set in the contract.
  • The contract may contemplate that the insurer covers the costs of the judicial process.
  • It can be included as part of the coverage in other policies, such as vehicle insurance or home insurance.

Something that we must highlight is that this insurance also works in conjunction with home insurance, since most civil problems can be caused by material damage to homes or infrastructure. This insurance also includes the following aspects:

Material damage

This type of damage includes objects, parts of other homes and all the elements that damage you or your home, which will be replaced by your insurance.

Personal injury

As a general rule, the acts that may be provoked by both the insurance holder and their relatives or inhabitants of the house in general are included.