What is pharmacy coverage?

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What is pharmacy coverage?

May 13, 2022 Insurance 0
Hjalmar Jesus Gibelli Gomez What is pharmacy coverage

When life insurance is purchased, all members within an individual and family plan, and most members with coverage through their employer, have pharmacy benefits.

In order to enjoy this benefit, you must go to the insurance doctor so as not to have to pay 100% of the cost of the medicines. In this sense, this would be the guarantee that helps to reimburse the insured, which is a percentage of the cost of the drugs.

It is important to know that having it does not oblige the insurer to pay for all the products purchased at the pharmacy, but rather there are established limits and specifications.

What does pharmacy coverage include?

Likewise, among the limitations is that not all medications are covered by health policies.

Among the pharmaceutical products included are:

  • Prescription medications that are registered with the national code.
  • Vaccinations.
  • Long-term treatments.
  • Allergy medications.

Let us remember that an insurance is that contract that allows to cover a contingency by paying a premium to the insurance company. The amount of the premium payment will depend on the risk to be covered and the probability of occurrence over time. In the case of risk coverage for very high amounts, the figure of the reinsurance company appears, which covers all or part of the risks, sharing a quota with the insurer.